Product Assembly

Effective work holding decreases assembly time and improves repeatability.
We provides custom product and collateral assembly services with care and attention.

        Our product assembly services allow our customers to cut operational costs, improve quality and drive consumer products to market in a shorter time-scale. Product assembly is the fastest growing activity, and as with all other aspects of our business, it is quality-driven and covered in the scope of our ISO 9001:2008 quality accreditation.

        Our product assembly service is dictated by our customers own capabilities, facilities and requirements. We have seen a marked upward trend in those customers that wish to receive part assembled or fully assembled goods specified to their own needs and requests. From simply applying a label during the dwell time of the plastic injection cycle, to supplying a fully assembled product; we can assist in freeing-up our customers' valuable resources to more gainful use.

Whether your product requires manual assembly, semi-automatic and fully automated assembly techniques, we can handle your job. Start a quote today and see how we can deliver your parts in 1-15 days.

Assembly Machine

Automatic Heat Stacking


Automatic Heat Stacking